• June 18, 2024



Becoming a member of Ukraine Cricket Federation has never been easier. You can apply to become a member of the Ukraine Cricket Federation by filling out the online membership form available below and one of our representative will be shortly in touch with you for further guidance in order to complete the membership process.

While we encourage you to apply online, if you are unable to apply through the fill up form, you can also send us an email to [email protected] with the subject “Membership Request” along with your contact details as well as requested information in the fill up form. UCF Membership registration charge is 200 UAH per year.

By signing up with Ukraine Cricket Federation, you get to enjoy all the privileges and benefits provided for the members. All members of Ukraine Cricket Federation get the following benefits or as allowances;

  1. Participation in all the matches / tournaments / leagues organized by Ukraine Cricket Federation (provided that the player informed the organizing committee about his confirmed participation at least 5 days before the event).
  2. Transportation from the home city to match center and back.
  3. Meals and accommodation from the start of the tournament / league until the last day of the event. 
  4. Cricket clothing and equipment for the match provided that the player confirmed his participation at least 5 working days before the event.
  5. Members will have access to the training facilities of UCF with prior notification to the concerned authority.
  6. First aid services for any emergency situations caused during the whole period of match.
  7. All outstanding performers get the opportunity to become a part of the Ukraine National Cricket Team for International matches.
  8. UCF members get several opportunities to become a volunteer for developing Cricket in Ukrainian local schools to train basics of Cricket to kids and teenagers.